Quadratec Unveils Innovative Res-Q Teton Series Winch
Powerful recovery tool offers unparalleled line strength, weather resistance and unique winch spool light strip for ultimate performance.

Quadratec Inc. recently announced the expansion of its Res-Q recovery product lineup with the next-generation Teton Series Winch. This powerful and reliable recovery option is perfect for adventurers worldwide from beginner to expert — with improved durability, faster line pull speed, quicker heat dissipation and exceptional IP68 waterproof rating.

“With the Res-Q Teton winch, we are providing off-road enthusiasts with a product that doesn’t just meet their expectations, but exceeds them,” said Quadratec Marketing Director Sean McComsey.  “It is feature-packed with several exclusive safety and security options, and its durable design means it is always ready to handle any trail situation.”
The Res-Q Teton Series Winch is equipped with a solid state wireless remote for safer, longer-range use, integrated solenoid housing for added strength, class-leading gearing and a powerful 4.9 horsepower series wound waterproof motor.  

A patented clutch handle is removable when not in use and helps deter winch or winch line theft, while a Res-Q exclusive LED winch spool light provides dual-color amber or white light for easier nighttime or low light recovery situations.
Cutting-edge design with hidden hardware helps the Res-Q Teton Series Winch achieve a seamless appearance, while its silver and black finish resists corrosion and adds eye-catching style.
The Res-Q Teton Winch is available in 10,000-pound and 12,000-pound pull capacities, each with lightweight synthetic rope and aluminum hawse fairlead, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty on mechanical parts as well as a five-year warranty on electrical components.  For more information on the Teton Series winches, be sure to check out Quadratec's website.