Mega Truck: Mud Slinger
Mud Slinger

Driver: Joe Stewart 

Hometown: Clark, Ohio
Truck Name: Mud Slinger
Make: 1999 Ford F150
Engine: Rear engine 545 stroker with a 8/71 blower
Horsepower: 1300
Modifications: Reid Power-Glide,Scs drop case, 2.5 ton axles, D&D Patty 24" aluminum wheels, 14.9 cut and scoop

How did you get started in the racing industry?
Racing at Yankee Lake, fell in love and haven't stopped since

What is your greatest accomplishment in the racing industry?
Jumping 2 freaking schools bus long ways And it's not an accomplishment but it's the brotherhood, it's the family, it's our life style that joins us together

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

What is your goal for the Jamborees this year?
To win it!

What else you would like 4-Wheel Jamboree fans to know?
We really appreciate them coming out to support us and cheer us on. If not for them we couldn't be here! Thank you