Monster Truck 2023 – Bear Foot
Bear Foot 2023

Driver Profile: Logan Tweedy

Driver: Logan Tweedy
Hometown: Jonesboro, IL
Birthday: September 21, 1994
Truck Name: Bear Foot
Year: 2012
Make: Ram
Engine: 572-Cubic-Inch
Horsepower: 1,800
Modifications: 2-speed transmission and nitrogen-filled PEI shocks

How did you get started in racing?
My dad has raced monster trucks for 20+ years. And I wanted to follow in his footsteps and do the same thing.


What is your greatest accomplishment in racing?
Being the Triple B World Finals freestyle champion.


Do you have any pre-show rituals?
I listen to loud, heavy music and a silent prayer.


What is your goal for the Jamborees?
To put on a good show for the fans. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid to race in the Penda series and all the 4-Wheel Jamborees. This year I get to make that dream a reality.


Is there anything else you would like 4-Wheel Jamboree fans to know?
Grab some hot food, cold drinks, and find a good seat, because these 4-Wheel Jamborees are gonna be off the chain! The are the biggest shows of the year and you’re not gonna want to miss them!


Instagram: @Logan.Tweedy.94