Adventure Rigs/LFTD&LVLD at Bloomsburg Jamboree
Adventure Rigs
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Looking to get additional exposure for your truck at the Bloomsburg 4-Wheel Jamboree?


A pair of new opportunities from the Dub Network, owners of Adventure Rigs, Dub Magazine, Dub Show Tour and LFTD&LVLD, will be part of this year's Jamboree. Adventure Rigs and LFTD&LVLD will feature trucks from the Jamboree on their widely popular websites.


Editor's from the Dub Network will also be in attendance at the Bloomsburg Jamboree looking for trucks to spotlight as well as selecting a couple of winners in the Show-N-Shine Contest.


Adventure Rigs will choose an Editor's Choice Award, while LFTD&LVLD will name a Truck of the Show Award.


CLICK HERE to register your truck for the Bloomsburg Jamboree.


Adventure Rigs
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