Cold Air Inductions Introduces Universal LS Intake

Cold Air Inductions is proud to announce the launch of its latest product, the Universal Air Inlet Kit. The US manufacturer now offers this air intake system that is designed and engineered to optimize power and airflow to any engine with a slot-style mass air flow sensor (MAF) and is compatible with a 4-inch throttle body, making it an ideal choice for LS swaps and other custom applications.

Not all factory intake systems will match the performance of, say, a new LS engine, so this handcrafted, universal Cold Air Inductions cold air intake system is built to maximize airflow and keep the air cool for the best possible power gains.

"Our Universal Air Inlet Kit is the perfect upgrade for anyone looking to improve their vehicle's air intake system," says James Newsome, founder and owner of Cold Air Inductions. "We've designed the kit to provide increased torque and horsepower over typical OEM intakes, and it's relatively easy to install and customize."

The kit features Cold Air’s signature thermal-coated tubing to limit heat soak and heat transfer from the underhood environment. For older vehicle applications, this universal air flow kit may flow about 40% better than factory. The kit includes an MAF tube, a Cold Air Inductions pre-oiled air filter, duct/inlet, straight silicone coupler, silicone hump coupler, rubber PVC hose, button-head cap screw, and two constant-tension spring band clamps, and four lined hose clamps

“This universal kit is intentionally very customizable,” Newsome says. “We created it for those performance enthusiasts who already have a Coyote, LS, or other engine with these specs and for those who have a project vehicle who are doing an engine swap and looking for the best air intake upgrade to match the increased power.”

These Cold Air Inductions universal systems are designed as open systems and feature some of the same specialty performance components as the vehicle-specific cold air intake kits, on which the company has built its reputation. For more information on the Universal Air Inlet Kit or other Cold Air Inductions' products, be sure to visit its website.