Mega Truck: Wrong Turn

Driver Profile - Tim Warner

Driver: Tim Warner
Wrong Turn
Hometown: Granville, OH
Years Competing: 16 (3rd year in a Mega Truck)
Truck: 2012 Chevy Colorado
Horsepower: 1,300 all motor - over  1,700 with nitrous
Engine Type: Big Block Chevy
Additional Modifications: Largest Cubic engine in a mega truck over 700 cubic inch with Nitrous

How did you get started in racing?
I was driving past a track and saw mud racing and was Hooked from that point on.

What is your greatest accomplishment in racing?
Jumping in the Sport of Mega Truck Racing and meeting some of the coolest people from across the country.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
The night before an event I have a long in depth conversation with the truck.

What is your goal for the Jamborees this year?
Meeting more fans and beating Uncle Clay Meadow in that Jeepers Creepers Mega Truck. 

Facebook: @WrongTurnMegaTruck
Instagram: @Wrong_turn_motorsports