Mega Truck: Disorderly Conduct

Driver Profile - Kraig Champion

Driver: Kraig Champion
Truck: Disorderly Conduct
Hometown: Hickory Corners, MI
Years Competing: 33
Make/Model: 2017 Custom Awesome
Horsepower: 1,250
Engine Type: Big Block Chevy
Additional Modifications: Spray Can Paint Job

How did you get started in racing?
Started at a young age with motocross

What is your greatest accomplishment in racing?
The awesome friends I have made

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Try to get everyone else worked up

What is your goal for the Bloomsburg Jamboree?
To help Clay and Jake keep their trucks running.  

Is there anything else you would like 4-Wheel Jamboree fans to know?
Freestyle is more exciting.

Facebook: @KraigChampion